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Learning Essentials

Are you ready to develop your institution’s online learning? Our Learning Essentials is the first step. With our powerful virtual learning environment and collaborative learning platform, you’ll have the tools to do what many institutions already have: make exponential gains in performance and retention as learners do what comes naturally—go online and engage with their courses.

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Put Learning Essentials to work

  • Improve performance with actionable information derived from data analysis
  • Create, deliver, manage, assess, and grade courses, and prevent plagiarism with SafeAssign
  • Get quick feedback with enterprise surveys
  • Develop staff with access to social learning and our global learning network
  • Build rich courses quickly with access to the global learning object repository
  • Consolidate learner work online with portfolios
  • Let learners participate anywhere with mobile access
  • Choose from flexible delivery options including: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), self-hosted, or Blackboard hosted

Gather in a powerful online learning environment

With Learning Essentials, you can:

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Personalise learning

Offer customised, flexible learning programmes with integrated collaboration tools.

Teacher and student working a assignment out on the computer

Communicate effectively

Provide excellent learner support and access through streamlined communications.

Teacher engaging students in lecture

Improve learner outcomes

Engage learners and achieve greater outcomes with unparalleled online collaboration.

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