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Strengthening student skills and potential

The FE sector is tough. Institutions face squeezed budgets and intensifying local competition. Long-term survival and success still rests upon how effectively staff can develop relevant skills in their students. A way to do this is to create different, concurrent educational approaches.

Various aged students in library studying together

Different approaches

Individuals learn and communicate differently. Embracing this diversity builds engagement and drives achievement.

Characteristics of effective skill development

Two students with different needs studying

Be learner-centric

Embrace learners’ differing pace, style and demonstration of capability.

Middle-aged teacher assisting adult student on computer

Be outcome-based

Define learning outcomes clearly and track progress meticulously.

Adult students in computer class

Differentiate at touchpoints

Design curriculum elements and communications by individual need.

Students and teacher discussing coursework

Build in flexibility

Build learning infrastructure with the capacity for ongoing change.

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